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Whip is a strange creature who Mace considers to be his brother since infancy and are almost always seen together.



Whip's swatch art.

Whip Around

Whip is relatively small enough to where people consider him as like a pet, despite its seemingly intelligent demeanor. He has mostly light-blue fur with dark blue highlights around his red-eyes, has a long thin tail with white fur at the end, as well as a puff of white fur on his chest, and has two large ears. He also has stubby hands which seem to limit his ability to grasp objects, which like his toes are also white.


Whip acts much like his 'brother' Mace would, in that they are mischievous young boys who often play pranks on Grunn, mostly to get back at him for all the hard work and misgivings he brings to them and the other orphans. While Mace tends to be more noble in his actions, Whip is a bit more selfish. As they tend to work together a lot, one may have better luck with certain situations than the other. In Whip's case, because he would resemble a small pet, he would be fawned over by women who find him "adorable"; while Mace is unable to receive such attention from them. Oddly enough this effect doesn't work on characters like Lilith or Namah.

One of Whip's more prominent traits is that he speaks in a strange, indescribable language that only Mace can understand and interpret. This seems to come from the bond the two share since birth as the two are near inseparable. Whenever Mace is feeling depressed, Whip usually is able to cheer him up and even give him advice, further showcasing the deep bond they share as brothers.

Whip is often seen as a glutton; despite his small stature, he will eat more than he normally should. He is constantly on the lookout for food or anything close to it.



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Both Whip and Mace were raised in Grunn's Orphanage since infancy. The two remained together and remained inseparable despite bearing no resemblance to each other. As the exact circumstances to Mace being an orphan are unknown, given the recent reveal of how much important he is now to the world and to the Nightmares, so too would Whip's.


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Power and Abilities

Autokinesis: Whip's Power, based off the name, seems to involve affecting one's visual perception, making it appear something is moving. At present though, the most that Whip has made with his Power is the ability to fly, thus putting his Power at a ranking of 1.

  • Flight: What appears to be a seemingly natural ability, as no halo appears when in use, Whip has used this to fly about whenever he feels it.


  • In an earlier draft of the Dreamkeepers series, Whip's power was control of earth. Through a poster that's available on the Dreamkeeper's store, he is shown to have a pale blue halo and many speculate his Power is related to telekinesis given the earlier draft and his flight ability.[1]
  • Is somehow able to compress food mass into himself in extraordinary quantities.
  • Whip seems to possess a passive Dreamkeeper power as despite having no visible Halo, he generally always is in flight.
  • Whip's dialog is more often than not, David and Liz pretending to talk the way he would sound, and then typing it into text. There is no direct translation.
  • Through an early animation pitch for Dreamkeepers, Whip and Mace were shown together as infants, and while this has yet to be translated over into the main story or preludes, it can be assumed that it would be similar to the original pitch.[2]


  • "Foof."


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