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Volume 3 (Chapter 8)[1]

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Tekra is a delinquent who is a part of the Neon Knives. She was thought to have perished in a raid by the CCA Shock Troopers but survived with her fellow members.



Tekra prior to Volume 4 and in color.

Tekra has a slim feline-build, with a long tail, mostly light-gray fur and green eyes; her form mostly resembles that of an anthropomorphic snow leopard.

She wears a a fluffy fur collar around her neck, wears a purple bikini top and bottom, and has fishnet apparel on her arms and legs. After her encounter with the CCA Shock Troopers she started to wear an eye-patch on her left eye, presumably having been damaged or lost from the attack.


As a delinquent, Tekra takes part in illegal activities as she was seen watching two Ryuu-Nekos fighting each other. She seems to take orders from O'Naicul very well even at the expense of her life.



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Volume 3

Chapters 8-9

Tekra was first seen watching two Ryuu-Nekos fighting each other alongside her fellow gang members. Later as O'Naicul gave the order for everyone to chase after Bast and capture him alive, she proceeded to attack Bast with her Power.

Eventually the CCA Shock Troopers arrived to arrest everyone. After Scythe struck down many troopers with his Power, they opened fire on the building and Tekra, being part of the collapse, fell with it. She would somehow survive and was arrested afterwards.

Volume 4

Based off illustrations, as well as documents from Troika and word of mouth from Cal of the Central City Authority, Tekra was later released under order by Antioch. Currently she is preparing for what maybe a battle along with the rest of her allies. Her left eye was also damaged or lost from the attack and has started to wear an eye-patch over it.[2]

Power and Abilities


Tekra's Power in action.

Unknown Power: It is unclear what exactly Tekra's Power is. When she first used it on Bast, she shot out what may have been lightning or some sort of whip that was powerful enough to split part of a building floor from several stories below her. Regardless, like her halo it appears in a bright pink color.



Tekra's Swatch Art

  • Tekra was unnamed in the comic as she was a side-character. However through the creator's Patreon, her name was revealed through a practice sketch of her, along with her to be appearing again in the future.
  • Tekra has appeared several times, each time with a slight variation to her costume or design. Her final swatch, released before Volume 5, is her final design.[3]


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