With no outside military threats, weapons development in Anduruna has been modest throughout most of its history. In earlier ages of warfare, dreamkeepers harnessed their powers for combat. The assault value of a specialized power-using dreamkeeper dwarfed any primitive slings and arrows, so armament focused almost entirely on rudimentary, hand-held implements like clubs, daggers, or short spears. But after the Last War of Powers, prevailing law banned destructive powers use within Anduruna.
However, a way to control renegade power-users was necessary - without resorting to a detrimental, explosive showdown. Eventually weapons development was driven not for military application, but for policing purposes. The earliest projectile weapons were variations on slings and slingshots, firing rounded ball-shaped projectiles. The ability to knock an offending dreamkeeper unconscious from a distance proved to be enormously helpful in subduing powerhouse criminals.
Eventual innovation led a crossbow-like design, where a flat horizontal piece of wood would be winched back, and then trigger released to 'slap' the projectile forward. A barrel was soon added for a modicum of accuracy. This wasn't a highly powered weapon, but eventually more advanced ways of propelling the ball through the barrel were developed, culminating in the springer cartridge.

The springer rifles of today use hyper-compressed springs stored in cartridges to propel projectiles at high velocity. When triggered, the cartridge is quickly knocked open. The spring rockets forward, propelling the round of ammunition towards its target. Side slats on the rifle barrel are designed to sling the spring out and down, clearing the weapon immediately for another cartridge. Ammunition cartridges are speed-loaded into the weapon through cylinder clips, for an impressive rate of fire.
Manufactured exclusively for use by the Anduruna City Guard, private citizens do not have access to spring weapons. Springers are capable of being extremely lethal, even after their heavy needle-shaped rounds penetrate walls or other barriers. Any contemporary citizen of Anduruna risking a powers infraction, or any major infraction against Central City Authority, will find themselves facing the full deadly power of an armed shock trooper squad.

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