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Volume 2 (Chapter 4)

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"Smiley" was the name of a large Nightmare, named for its large white teeth, that worked alongside Wisp in order to kill Mace and his friends after they were transported out of Anduruna.


Smiley had a large bestial appearance, resembling a large faceless dog with large white teeth for its face instead; while its real face is hidden inside its mouth, on its sticky tongue where two glowing white eyes can be seen. Its body is mostly red while his joints and limbs are white.

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Volume 2

Chapter 4-6


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Smiley was first seen at the end of chapter 4, sliding down the Starfall mountain slope with Wisp riding on top, ready to kill her targets. Through volume 2, Smiley would continually pursue Mace, Lilith and Namah in order to devour them. It would continually fail to catch them as they would narrowly escape, either due to its large size being unable to fit in small areas or being unable to use its tongue to catch them after they would free themselves from it.

After Smiley and Wisp were exposed to Mace pulling down his pants, Wisp separated to leave it to kill them in her stead. It would eventually catch Lilith and run off with her inside it, however her Power would activate and inadvertently kill it from the inside.

Power and Abilities

Sticky Tongue: Smiley's tongue is not only its face, but it is also a means of being able to grab victims so they don't escape its grasp. It makes escaping very hard to do unless it is hurt, at which it may lose grip.

Immense Strength: Given its massive size, it naturally is capable of knocking down trees and rip through large mounds of ice and snow with ease.



Early concept art of the main protagonists fighting a green Smiley with their Powers.

  • Its unknown if its the only one of its kind, or like the Sandman Nightmare there are more of its kind, as it is the second Nightmare whose name was coined by a Dreamkeeper.
  • So far, it can only be killed from the inside.
  • Its tongue is very sensitive to injury, as seen when Whip bites it to free Lilith.
  • Before its death, it was one of the first two victims to see Mace with his pants down (though it didn't seem to care as much as Wisp did).
  • In an early concept art of the series, Smiley had a mostly green color-scheme whilst fighting the protagonists using their powers (including Mace).
  • Dave can't spell 'tongue' correctly, it often ends up 'tognue' and must be corrected.



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