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Sabatton Towers

Center of Anduruna


Viscount Calah


Volume 1 (Chapter 1)

The Sabatton Towers are a key major location in the city of Anduruna, serving as the primary location to the most elite and pristine members of society including major political figures. It also houses many different facilities and the prime police force, the Central City Authority.

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Dominating the landscape, the Sabbaton Towers are the geographic and political center of Anduruna. Constructed over five hundred years ago with the inauguration of the first Viscount, the cloud - topping structure stands as a testament to engineering genius. It contains the housing for the Central City's political elite, courts, subterranean prisons, media studio stages, shopping centers, research labs, universities, telepads, City Guard headquarters, a library at the pinnacle, tours through the cavernous foundations, and more. Its construction site was rumored in ancient times to be haunted land, but not even ghosts could intrude unnoticed at the Sabbaton today. Surrounded by miles of flat white stone and an outer defensive wall, the structure is unassailable. 


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