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Power and Weapons

Force Field

First Appearance

Prelude #360

Volume 4, Chapter 10, Pg. 16

Rolph is a member of Troika and one of Scinter's "Marks", a member of his smuggling operation.


Rolph is canine in appearance, likely resembling a wolf. He has a mix of dark brown, rust red, and peach-colored fur with a tuft of blonde hair on his head. A ring of peach-colored fur goes around his muzzle and both lower halves of his arms. He has blue irises with white eyes and peach-colored eyebrows. In both Prelude and the novel, he has been shown to wear a different set of work clothes, but has the same dark green color for his jacket.


Rolph's only form of verbal interaction is in Prelude. He is shown to be calm and rational, but becomes increasingly irritable when things don't go his way.



In a dock warehouse in the Margate District, Rolph is tending to some kind of box with Sage nearby when Marvin walks in with Bobby stuck in a headlock. Rolph watches as Sage goes into a rage over some documentation that Marvin took from Bobby.

Sometime later, after Bobby pays a snitch to follow Rolph to his destination, the snitch leads Rolph straight back to Bobby. Fearing for his life, Bobby makes a run for it, forcing Rolph to chase after him. The chase leads to the top of an aqueduct as Bobby jumps in and begins swimming to escape. Summoning his Power, Rolph creates a large, orange force field that stops Bobby instantly and causes the water to flow in reverse, bringing Bobby to Rolph's grasp.

Rolph then tosses Bobby to the ground below and climbs his way down. Grabbing onto Bobby, Rolph pulls a flask from his jacket and flings a blue liquid into Bobby's face. Telling Bobby what the liquid does, he orders him to "sod off". When the snitch, who was waiting for them on the ground, tries to tell Bobby about Anise, Rolph scares him off. After scaring Bobby off as well, Rolph gives his jacket a sniff and droops, realizing he got the liquid on himself, too.

Volume 4

Chapter 11

Rolph sits with his allies as their leaders discuss how to proceed with Operation: Guillotine. Moments later, Kalei flies out of the med station with a blinding burst of energy. Rolph and the other Troika summon their Powers in response and watches as Kalei immediately normalizes.


  • Currently, Rolph is merely the working title for this character until it is confirmed by the creators.
  • He is the third character in Prelude to use a Power. Ironically, he would use it on Bobby, who is the very first character to use a Power in the webcomic.