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The Neon Knives are a band of delinquents and troubled individuals who act out against the law and take part in illegal activities. Many of its members seem to be Dark Dreamkeepers and are affiliated with Nabonidus.


Established within a city as massive as Anduruna, with strict laws and conditions that may not always benefit everyone, naturally a gang like the Neon Knives would develop to accommodate those who hate the system and wish to do as they please. Whether it be graffiti on old abandoned buildings and outlets, vandalism in general, drug and fermentae abuse, participating in illegal Ryuu-Neko fighting, and of course the use of Powers. What makes this particular group more dangerous is their ties to Nabonidus as their leader, O'Naicul, is a Dark Dreamkeeper. As such most of their members can be considered Dark Dreamkeepers as well.



While at first glance the Neon Knives are mostly just random punks who only hang with each other to share in their similar desire to cause trouble and rise up against the system. However as many of them are well past adolescence, most are likely to have awoken their Powers, making them even more dangerous than usual. Many have Powers that are easily lethal to any they use it on, such as a Power that can cut through steel and flesh, or a Power that can spawn large solid objects that can puncture people.

In addition to having many Power-users, they appear to have a large stockpile of weapons, similar to what the CCA Shocktroopers use and are already planning a big attack of some sort as indicated in an illustration at the end of Volume 4.


  • The Neon Knives went unnamed in the comic, but were eventually given a name through the comic creator's Faction Contest as one of the four factions fans can represent through Twitter and other social media outlets.[1]


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