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Namah Calah

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14 (current)

8-9 (Prelude)

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Sabbaton Towers

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Viscount Calah (father)

Tinsel Nanaja (mother)

Lilith Calah (stepsister)

Igrath Winters (step-uncle)

Fae Winters (step-aunt) (deceased)




Sabbaton Towers

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Ether Tendrils

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Volume 1 (Chapter 2)

Prelude Strip #36

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Namah Calah is one of the main protagonists in Dreamkeepers, who lives in Sabbaton Towers as one of the two daughters of a well-known politician.



Namah's swatch art.

Namah's design is probably inspired on gecko, due to her ability to climb walls easily, as mostly demonstrated in the prelude (given her mischievous nature she can also come off as like a demon or imp given her horns and how the tip of her tail is shaped). She pink skin, straight dark horns, a long tail which ends in a diamond form, three digit feet and green eyes. She has dark violet mark on her face, near her eyes. She has mid short hair, that reach her shoulders or a little higher. She also wears stripped leg warmers that were given to her by Lilith when she was little.

As a child, she is mostly seen wearing a large black t-shirt that goes just past her knees, light-gray shorts and stockings on her arms and legs. Her first pair would be green and white, but later received red-stripped ones that she would continue wearing as she got older.


Namah is mostly known for being very mischievous and often rebellious, as well as having a fascination for trouble, having stemmed from her childhood as a result of being confined in her room most of her life. She has a habit of escaping her room many times just so she can see what she considers the outside world. This sort of behavior has also shown has resourceful she can be as even after being caught, she'll generally find another way to get out again. This puts her at odds with the Tower Guards (Woods, Bill and Damon especially), as well as her nanny Ms. Muliebral, who are usually assigned to keep her in her room as she will often pull pranks on them as a means of torture, be it physical or psychological. As she grew older she got to a point where she can sneak in and out with no detection just to accommodate herself or her pet, Cuddles, who she calls Vincent despite her sister's insistence.

Ironically, while she is usually the one causing the most trouble, karma tends to pop up and cause her suffering. Whether it be the vents that she crawled through being sealed after being lured away from her room long enough, her getting a rock thrown at her while another was helping fight someone, or when she tries to get the attention of someone she likes and something goes wrong. In that case she's shown her crush for Bast after reaching the outskirts of Anduruna, only to trip over a large plant.

During most of her childhood, Namah didn't have an education like her sister did; instead she mostly relied on television to learn about everything she knows, even gaining a fascination with one particular talk-show host who is known to speaking controversial topics and would even visit him to try and spill dirt on her father. It wasn't until Lilith convinced their father to give her an education and they started by trying to have a strict tutor teach her but to no avail. During her teenager years she started attending a public school, which appears to be one of the only times where she was even allowed outside the tower.

As another result of being confined to her room, Namah grew to hate her father and is not afraid to show it. As a child she wouldn't understand why until eventually learning about him having an affair with Tinsel (who she also grows to despise overtime) over Lilith's mother and felt that he only cared enough of his own political image over her own existence. In the past she did what she could to try and earn his love (during the Dreamworld's equivalent of Christmas she tried to open a vent to let snow in) but something would go wrong and only got her more in trouble. The continued disconnect can be contributed further by her otherwise wild behavior, past or present.

The only person Namah seems to show great care for is her sister, Lilith. Because Lilith is free to roam where-ever she wants she will often visit her to talk or even read to her, since Namah had little in the way of education. Lilith is able to tolerate Namah's wild behavior to a point and while later on, after growing older and once the Nightmare and Dark Dreamkeeper issues started affecting them, they would come to disagree each other's methods. Regardless she still loves her sister and would put her life on the line to defend her. Like Namah, she knows who Igrath is and what had happened with him yet still sees him as another person who cares deeply for her.

Strangely, Namah was found to have kitchen knives in her room as a child. While at one point she snuck into the kitchen to prank the Tower Guards, it's unclear why she took them or what they signify; whether she secretly has suicidal thoughts or other intentions that may involve her other habits.
Let That Freak Out

Let That Freak Out

Namah's Reality

Namah's Reality



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Namah was born years before the events of the Prelude and long before the events of the main story. Due to her father wanting to keep her birth a secret she had her isolated from the rest of the world so that no one but a few selected individuals would know so that it doesn't tarnish his reputation.



No school for Namah.

One day, very early in the morning, Namah snuck into Lilith's room to 'play' in her own way as she wanted, which woke her up five minutes earlier than she wanted. As Lilith prepped for school, Namah learned that their father didn't quite say yes or no on letting her go to school, leaving her disappointed and wanting to learn more about the nasty girls in school.

Later, she was caught by Woods while trying to say her father was letting her go to school. He tried to explain that he was only doing his job and didn't want to be fired, but Namah expressed her disappointing life versus his. She took her frustration out on Gregori, her monster doll, and decided to end her life but not before leaving a note behind. Having sealed up the windows to try and suffocate herself, she waited on her bed but wondered why it wasn't working. She soon discovered a breeze coming from the wall and she uncovered an air vent behind the wallpaper. Failing to open it with Gregori, she asked Bill if she could use some tools, but he told her she wasn't allowed to have any. Finally she decided to use her horns to pry open the vent cover and was able to escape.

Traveling through the vents, she noticed how dusty it was in there and decided to drop a clump of dust on her father, only it landed on Muliebral instead. This got her attention and Woods and Bill were sent after her. Sneaking into the kitchen she grabbed some condiments to use on her pursuers until eventually she was caught, long after her father found out of her disappearance. Until her room could be repaired, she was placed in Lilith's room.

When Lilith got home, she asked why Namah was tied to the bed and she replied by telling her about her day. As night-time fell, Lilith would read to her while Namah admitted she liked rooming with her and wouldn't mind staying with her longer and that it was better that she read to her. Lilith reminded her that once her room is fixed she might not be able to sneak out anymore, though Namah doubts it.

At a later point in time, Namah was allowed to spend part of her vacation in Lilith's room, much to her dismay as her dolls were terrorized by her overactive sister, while her own room was being repaired and reinforced. Muliebral arrived to take her to a surprise location in which Namah eventually took up. Along the way, the two argued about her behavior and if she toned it down she would be allowed out more often. Namah would even try outrunning her after inquiring that Muliebral could not run, but was stopped by Bill and Woods and was forced to continue the tour.

Arriving in the private garden, Namah was entranced by what she saw. Having been mostly confined her whole life and having little freedom, to see this much around her filled her with curiosity of what she may discover. Dragging Bill along, they explored the garden to have a mock hunt. She decided to disappear from Bill's site, and even trapped him under a tree before taking his shoes to throw at Woods.

While Woods and Muliebral were searching for her, Namah was staring intently at a lonely flower she found tucked away in the bushes. Annoyed by the constant cries for her, she plucked the flower from the ground and after failing to summon her "forbidden power" she returns to them. Refusing to actually leave the garden though, Muliebral warned her that if she didn't come they would call security, she wouldn't be allowed in the garden anymore and she would miss one of her favorite scrollcast shows; while Woods added that he would read her the Viscount's press releases to her very loudly every day and that was enough to get her to cooperate.

Taking her to the recreation room, Muliebral set her up with some snacks and tried to ask where Bill was, to no avail. Lilith later arrived with her Presentation Wagon and joined her in watching some programs. Not wanting to listen to the news, she reluctantly listened to Lilith's presentation about her new tutor, though mostly ignored it. Namah ended up disappointed that school wasn't like what she hoped and explained what she would have done in school. Bringing up the topic of others calling one "ugly", like why she thinks their father doesn't let her out of her room, Lilith began to question herself again.

Later, Damon escorted the two back to their respective rooms, with Namah being allowed to play a flying game with him as he carried her to her room. Upon entering her room, she expressed disappointment that it looked no different than last time, only to learn too late that the door now has a lock and a bell to call for assistance; and unable to escape through the reinforced air vent, she threatened to harm Damon with her cutlery but found it gone.

Once Woods took over, she got a bit more rambunctious, and before long Lilith returned to visit. As Lilith tried telling her more about private schooling, Namah daydreamed about the two of them battling together until it was time for her to leave. With one last attempt to escape, Namah was forced into her room, and she told him how angry she was for the treatment they gave her despite her best cooperation and despite his warnings of possible tighter security. Refusing dinner from Muliebral, she decided to stay up all night to torment Woods.

The next day, Muliebral arrived and placed her in bed before trying to serve her breakfast. However as Namah didn't forget about yesterday, she ended up throwing it at her and went back to sleep. When she woke up, she was surprised to see someone new standing in her room. She asked who she was and how she got in, even asking what the outside world was like. The lady, introducing herself as Ms. Crimp, merely told her that she was going to be her tutor and she would soon be giving her standardized tests. Namah tried to reason with her wanting to sleep in but Crimp was insistent they would begin class whether she liked it or not. However Namah decided to use the excuse of needing to use the restroom her chance to at least get away from her for a short time. While in the restroom she started to cause a mess before falling asleep in the bath rub, and soon Muliebral was called in to return her to her room.

When Namah woke up, she found her room has been changed into like a classroom and Crimp said she would have her act like she would in her classroom. Ignoring Namah's own life problems, she began the lesson of teaching her the alphabet. She repeatedly asked Namah to say the letter "A" and after what would have been an hour, Namah gave in and started to list the names of things that started with each letter from A through G, though Crimp wanted her to continue past "H". During the third hour she had to get Woods and Damon to restrain her while she tried getting her to learn that particular letter.

Through the fourth hour, Crimp gave Namah her first written test and at that point Namah wanted to know what it would take to get her to leave. Crimp replied that as her tutor, she would return day after day until she not only learned standardized facts but to obey. As she got her to try and do a math problem, Namah has a sudden realization that it was time for her favorite program, The Joys of Painting with Rick Zinger. Unable to let her leave, Crimp told her that entertainment would only cause delinquency and that 'she' was her favorite program now. This caused Namah to resort to throwing a tantrum; starting with her on the ceiling, to to stealing her disciplinary wand, and then finally to ripping out her own hair, eating and spitting it out and sticking it all over her face. Finally deciding that she wasn't needed here for the boiling point of the tantrum, Crimp left the room using a key card she was given to unlock the door. Namah threw Gregori at her as she was leaving and broke down, thinking her life was over now but then noticed that Gregori kept the door open just enough to let her escape.

Thinking of what Rick Zinger would say, she tried finding all possible doors but found nothing usable. She then noticed some politicians walking by heading to what she thought was the elevator. Cutting in line, she reached the door leading into her father's office and told everyone she was going to escape. Once she entered the room she came face to face with her father, who was just as shocked to see her. He nervously asked how she got in here and if anyone saw her, but Namah was more surprised that he was more concerned of her even being known by anyone than even her own existence. She decided to blackmail him into giving her things or else she'd reveal the truth to everyone outside, while he tried to convince her that he keeps her in her room because he loved her. Namah had enough and decided to yell out into the hallway who she was, only for Bill, Woods and Damon to be the only ones to hear it.

With the door into the office locked, Namah banged on the door and yelled for her father to die. She went on a rampage as they tried subduing her. They manage to catch her, though she ends up wounding Bill in the process. Having returned to her room, Lilith would return where she exclaimed at Namah having blood on her horns. Namah cried she had a bad day and that school wasn't like she wanted. Lilith gave her some leg warmers she got while at the mall, which she put on her horns before learning what they were. That night she wrote on her made-up map of the floor, believing she was one-step closer to plotting her true escape.

On the day of Lilith's Birthday, Damon and Woods rushed into her room thinking she had escaped again, but she was sitting by the window holding Gregori by a stick. She learned shortly after that Lilith went missing and they were looking for her, and they decide to ask her for help. She offered to help them in exchange for something. Damon suggested she help because she was a good kid but Woods slapped him, saying they'll give her stuff instead, causing him to glare at him. As she stated she wanted time in the pool and garden, Muliebral came with a harness and leash to put on her so she wouldn't run off on them. They pass by some damaged artwork which Namah deduces was caused by Tinsel.

They soon track down Lilith, who was reading in the library, where Namah expressed major concern for her sister and even told her what happened with Tinsel. Lilith explained she didn't want to talk about what happened and just wanted some time alone. Namah agreed to it but asked her to return to her room since everyone was worried and thought it was her who escaped that time. In the process, she transferred her harness to her and escaped through the narrow space between the bookshelves.

Namah snuck through the halls whilst imagining bad things happening to Damon and Woods and soon found her way to the lobby where Bill and the elevator were. She threw a Book of Puns at him; and after avoiding his attempts to grab her, she stole his hat and played a game where they had to talk to each other with puns but after one from Bill she found him awful at it. Reaching the elevator she tried several times to get it to move, but Bill, knowing that she would need an I.D. card to operate it, told her that it was fruitless as she would need his permission. She demanded him to release her but he countered by making up that he could have spikes come from the floor. Deciding to listen to a possible negotiation, Namah returned his hat and they went into the break room. She wanted to have an arm cannon on her but more or less a pretend one, using the coffee that he said was poison. As one last addition she wanted to have orange sherbert, which she loved but made a big mess with one time, and he accepted it. With that, he returned her to her room under the condition that she only rush the elevator lobby while Woods is around and that Bill overpowered her before.

Later, Lilith ran in while Namah ate some orange sherbert. Taking the crayons Lilith brought from her therapists, she then gave her a book she made her for her birthday. Lilith was moved to tears and she hugged her out of appreciation. Having eaten too much sherbert, she lied in her bed with a stomach ache as Woods came in to tell them that he was switching with Damon. Before he left, she told him that Bill caught her in a cool manner.

Not long after, Damon came in with a box for Lilith, which Namah thought was meant to stuff herself in. As it would turn out, the box contained two Ryuu-Nekos that leap at Lilith.


At some point, the security needed for Namah would decrease to where they no longer needed a lock for her room. She would also no longer need Crimp as her tutor and, possibly as a result of Lilith volunteering at the Margate Public Learning Center, be allowed to start regular classes outside the tower.

Volume 1

Chapters 2 & 3

In her first appearance in the main story, Namah would run into Mace and Whip in the air vents at school after the latter escaped from detention. She wanted to know what it was that Mace did the previous year. Introducing herself, she lead the two into the security room where she showed them how she was spying on the two. She took notes as the two began messing around with the newly installed guns that were in the classroom and shot gas at Mr. Nibbs. Despite saying they were going to be in trouble, she admitted she had fun watching the two and hoped they would see each other again.

To be continued

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Power and Abilities

Ether Tendrils: Having first awoken during an encounter with Tinsel in volume 1, Namah's Power involves the manifestation of ethereal tendrils that can extend expansive lengths which can be used as a means of attacking, thus its typing being classified as being an energy discharge within a close vicinity. During the events of Volume 4 she was able to figure out that during moments of danger she is able to activate her Power, as when Lilith was struck by one of Tendril's attacks she was able to respond by attacking him with her tendrils.

Adhesive Grip: Because of Namah's natural form, she has shown the ability to cling to various surfaces, be it solid or fabric. However if her hands and feet are wet, she is less likely to stick for long which can cause her to fall. She's mostly used it as a child, but early on in the main story she has demonstrated the ability to sneak by guards with ease.

Night-Vision: Namah's eyes appear to emit a green glow, even in low-lighted areas; for as she continually likes using the air vents to navigate through the floor she lives on, it can be assumed that she is very capable of seeing in the dark.

Hand-to-hand Combatant: Namah has shown some skill in melee combat, mostly as a means to defend herself as even against Dark Dreamkeepers like Tinsel or Wisp, she was able to fend them off while trying to fight back.

Great Power Intensity: Due to how potent her Power was at activation, given how she was able to effectively use it while her halo was barely present, her rating is currently at 3. This puts her potential on par with Tinsel, who while marked at a questionable 2 it's evident that her overall capabilities are higher.

Proficient Stealth Skills: Having started from childhood, as she got older Namah has developed the skill to sneak past unsuspecting individuals without detection thanks to her ability to cling to most surfaces and see even in the dark. She is able to avoid detection from various Tower Guards by hiding in high places just to accommodate herself and her pet, "Vincent", and was only noticed making a sound by Tinsel and Ravat.


  • Known to call Lilith’s ryuu-neko “Vincent
  • Has a numerable series of books and posters visible in her room; many of them referencing real world counterparts.
  • Takes interest in Mace’s mischievous activities.
  • Appears to like Mace somewhat, as evidenced in several small events ranging from admiring his rather strong stench, writing details about him and Whip within her journal, as well as the odd look she gives Mace as he rushes to dig Lilith out of the impossibly deep pit of rubble. It should be noted however that this is purely speculation.
  • In Volume 3, she has shown a great interest in Bast and has attempted to approach him twice, only to either be ignored or interrupted.
  • Name spelling was originally 'N-A-A-M-A-H with two A's.


  • (to herself about her father) "I guess it would be impossible to love anything that stains your flawless image, huh Dad?"
  • (to Cuddles) "If you weren't so damn cute, that would have been your death."
  • (to Tinsel) "Try that again, bitch."



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