Lost Archives

Beneath Sabatton Towers


Volume 4 (Chapter 11)

The Lost Archives are an ancient depository of old documents and scrolls, containing long-lost history and records that were meant to be discarded from modern society. In truth, this place is meant to be a prison to contain Nabonidus.



The exterior appears to be that of a black stone castle, left beneath the surrounding cavern to age and with areas crumbling apart. The castle appeared to be at least four floors tall, with the towers and structures converging toward the center the higher up it went. All along the walls of the castle are long windows that emit an eerie red glow of light. This light is also seen along the ground littered with cracks. Above the small entryway is a long tube that appears to be connected to the Sabatton Library. At the base of the doorway is a small stairway with a stone block sitting at the front.



The awaiting labyrinth...

While the entryway appears to be the basis of the archives, containing alcoves containing scrolls, a pile of recent to older additions of record, several statues and broken pillars, another doorway leads into the deeper confines of the castle. While the first room appears to be a decrepit meeting room, the infrastructure appears shifted and altered in an ominous way with doors being slanted, fake doors that can't open and the floor covered in cracks that glow a strange orange light.

Several hallways can also be found in the room, one of which leads into a labyrinth with many twisting paths and stairways leading to other parts of the castle. Remains of torch stands hang along the walls and pillars along the top of the maze walls. Traps appear to be placed within certain areas to prevent intruders from advancing, one of which appears to cancel out a user's Power. Other traps can triggered by stepping on stone panels that cause blades to come out from the walls.

In what may be the center of the castle is the throne room, with a tall-wide half-stairway toward the back of the room with a tall throne at the top. The throne is peculiar as spikes can be seen sticking out all over. Along the front of the stairway are three rounded stone tablets with strange writing on them.



Power Negation: In several areas of the castle a strange phenomenon occurs where Powers seem to turn off and become unusable. This was first witnessed with Whip as his ability to fly was cancelled out, and later when Viriathus, Karo, Robert and Rumour infiltrated the place and Robert's light generating ability was shut off. Through whatever force that causes this, it was likely meant to ensure that intruders didn't free Nabonidus, or perhaps to keep him from escaping himself.




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