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Lilith Calah

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15 (current)

9-10 (Prelude)

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Sabbaton Towers


Ryuu-Neko Breeder

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Namah Calah (stepsister)

Viscount Calah (father)

Tinsel Nanaja (stepmother)[1]

Igrath Winters (uncle)

Fae Winters (aunt) (deceased)



Two Unnamed Ryuu-Nekos


Anduruna (Sabbaton Towers)

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Life Force Manipulation

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Volume 1 (Chapter 1)

Prelude Strip #32

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Lilith Calah is one of the main protagonists in Dreamkeepers, who lives in Sabbaton Towers as one of the two daughters of a well-known politician.


Lilith 2 Swatch

Lilith's swatch art.

Lilith's one of few Dreamkeepers which appears to be non-hybrid looking. Apparently, she has a mostly feline form, green neon in color with darker green patches on her skin. Her pupils are magenta in color and her long hair is dark green. Her attire changes from time to time, but she usually either wear something brown, or purple/pink in combination of top and bottom.

In the prelude, she often wore glasses and sported pigtails, but in the later graphic novel series she no longer wore glasses but was confirmed to be wearing contact lens instead. Her clothes mostly consisted of casual clothing, one close to her current commonly-seen design and an assortment of sweaters and long-pants.


Lilith is one of the most kind individuals seen in the series. While raised to be a thing of beauty for the sake of her father's campaign, she's not a selfish person and is easily understanding of others whenever she or someone makes a mistake; such as when she bumped into Mace for the first time and got Bander slime on her. She did not get angry and accepted whatever apology he gave entirely. She is able to maintain a sense of beauty to her overall appearance without trying to do so for other people's sake as she just tries to be as regular about things as she can while being a nice person.

Lilith is considered to be like a bookworm in the aspect of her intelligence and desire to learn. Even as a child she took a liking to reading and often goes to the library to check out books or scrolls. She loves being able to figure out hard problems and analyzing situations, though this all tends to be seen as weird to other individuals who aren't into these hobbies. This also makes her out to be a rationalist as she always takes reliance on a proper belief or action during certain situations. Based on reason, rather than personal experience, she is able to provide a primary basis to her knowledge. It has its downsides though, as she tends to over-analyze things sometimes, and may be weak in taking certain drastic actions or other options when needed.

Regardless of how she truly thinks of Bast, she still treats him like any close friend in that she would try to help him in any way she can. She also considered Mace to be a close friend during the time they've been together since the problems Mace experienced tied in with her own she felt willing to help him clear his name of having been accused for murder. She is also very protective of her sister, Namah. Ever since they were children she would do things for her such as visiting her in her room to talk or even read books to her. She was responsible for convincing her father to at least give Namah an education despite her intuitive and deceptively vast intelligence. Their roles, however, are increasingly becoming reversed as times change and the duo are increasingly put in more and more danger, to where it seems she may rely on Namah more than ever before.

As a child, Lilith's experience with love has been rather hard for her as her first experience was with an old student friend of hers named Evzen, who once tried to get her to kiss him while pretending to be passed out and in need of CPR. This lead to her classmates poking fun at her by trying to get the two together and just embarrassing her. She has since been on good terms with Evzen though it's unknown if she still carries any feelings for him as a teenager as he has yet to appear in the main series.

As another side to being the child of a Viscount, many students tend to envy her position and while sometimes act polite and friendly, they tend to talk bad behind her back. She would eventually gain the friendship of two twin sisters, Kalei and Jeneviv after an unfortunate circumstance and would remain friends with them even in the main story.



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Lilith was born nine years before the events of the Prelude and many years before the events of the main story. It is unknown at this time who her mother is, though it has been said that the viscount conveniently “got rid” of her in order to cultivate his single parent political image. Lilith grew up with her half-sister Namah Calah, the illegitimate daughter of the Viscount, born from an affair he had with Tinsel Nanaja. She seems to be unaware of this reason and hardly ever brings it up.



Lilith preps for school.

In her first appearance in the Prelude, Lilith was trying to build a model of the Sabbaton Towers using toothpicks and glue while Muliebral tried getting her to eat dinner. After a night of attempting to convince her father to allow Namah to go to school, she is abruptly awoken by her, who was disappointed that he said no to letting her go to school.

Arriving at school, she is surprised to see another student, Evzen, laying seemingly unconscious on the floor. Worried he was going to die, she was surprised to see him suddenly spring up. She chastised him for trying to trick her and if he was doing this because he had a crush on her. He admitted he did it because he was dared into kissing her and as she tried to leave, nervously asked for her to do so but she rejected him.

She made it to her class and met her new teacher, Hallworth, who replaced their old teacher due to complaints from students like Stacephanie, implying their rich fathers had a hand in it. Said students arrived later than even Lilith was as they had heard about the new student. Hallworth began teaching them about the historical battle involving the Extollo Dreamkeepers and how the Hitodama might have been responsible. Lilith tried to inquire more about the Extollo but was interrupted by Stacephanie who wanted the lesson to be over. Overhearing from Triffany and Leslieanna how they would end up just like Lilith, she would go into the restroom during lunch to question why they would say that. Things aren't helped when the girls compared her appearance to a booger, and as she ran off thinking she was ugly she bumped into Ezven again. She accused him of trying to act again and ran off before he could explain himself. Tearing up she wondered what she could do and hoped Namah had a better day than her.

Returning home, she went into Namah's room to find it a complete wreck and that she left a note on her doll, Gregori, about the last thing she did before leaving. Going into her own room, she found Namah waiting there, tied to her bed. She learned that she had been caught again but also noted how she got Woods, one of their Tower Guards, stuck in the vents. That night Lilith decided to treat Namah to some book reading, who while she says she can read herself, Namah found it better that she reads to her. Lilith reminded her that once her room is fixed she might not be able to sneak out anymore, though Namah doubts it.

At a later point in time, Namah was allowed to spend part of her vacation in Lilith's room, much to her dismay as her dolls were terrorized by her overactive sister, while her own room was being repaired and reinforced. While relieved to see Muliebral take her out for awhile, she did show fear of Gregori, who was left behind in her room but quickly threw a pillow at the doll.

Muliebral later arrived to deliver her the news on what Namah was doing and helped clean her room. Lilith questioned why her father has to keep Namah locked up all the time while Muliebral told her that she'll understand when she's older. However she soon perked up when Muliebral told her how Namah was going to be receiving private lessons now, thanks to her continual insistence. She was then told to keep the news from Namah since it would be a surprise and Lilith, unaware of what would be in store, happily leaped onto her bed, thinking of the wonderful possibilities.


The Presentation Wagon.

Deciding to give Namah to news anyway, she took out her Presentation Wagon to show her what is going to happen. She finds her watching various scrollcasts and decided to join her. After her show was over she coerced her into listening to her presentation, though was mostly ignored. Namah ended up disappointed that school wasn't like what she hoped and explained what she would have done in school. Bringing up the topic of others calling one "ugly", like why she thinks their father doesn't let her out of her room, Lilith began to question herself again.

Later, Damon escorted the two back to their respective rooms, though after dropping off Namah, Lilith asked to leave her wagon by the door while she went to try having a chat with her father, who was attending a gathering elsewhere. While sitting on the floor, she was met by Emissary Truproc who upon knowing who she was tried to offer her an escort to her father, she insisted she stay put. Later she was surprised to see a Ryuu-Neko on the floor, and with her tail in its mouth. The owner, Nainso, arrived to greet her. He told her that everyone was here because her father had scheduled appointments with them all so he was taking refreshment requests. Lilith asked for water and he left, leaving her to listen to the various complaints and concerns from other District heads. She was then swarmed by various politicians over approval on what they want passed by her father, until Tinsel arrived to advert everyone away.

Sneaking out when no one was looking, she returned to Namah's room to read her a pamphlet on the benefits of homeschooling, though the entire time Namah was daydreaming of them fighting together and not actually listening. Lilith would then return to her room for dinner, thinking that getting to her father would be harder than she thought.

The next morning, Lilith happily prepped for school and was especially excited over how Namah's first day may turn out. Taking advice from Damon on how to handle boys approaching her, she went to class with renewed expectations. As class began, Hallworth brought up a new system for the class to help them understand the value of money. For an assignment, they were to take a list of items she would hand out and they would have until after lunch to go to the mall and price what value they were, and they were allowed to be in groups. Lilith felt left out as Stracephanie's group was formed, but was soon allowed into Jeneviv and Kalei's group.

During lunch, the twins talked about boys and kissing, which reminded Lilith of her earlier encounters with Evzen, when they called him over she ended up running away to another table. The twins decided to try having him write her an apology, which ended up being altered by many students along the way and out of embarrassment she ran away back to class. Feeling like they never liked her, she gave them a copy of their assignment and left the classroom.


Shopping with the Twins.

Later, the twins reunited with her to try and explain that they found out the note was altered and apologized for their earlier behavior. Still saddened over what the students really thought of her, she was pulled along by the twins to try and cheer her up with an assortment of shops and dresses. They eventually finish the assignment and the twins end up going their own ways while Lilith decided to go look at some books. Along the way she would be pulled into an accessory shop where besides buying some leg-warmers, her picture would be taken for publicity.

She later arrived in the Sabbaton Library, obtaining books about self-improvement where she bumped into Evzen again. Now aware of what he was trying to do she apologized for accusing him again and he even apologized and said that the dare was off anyway so there was nothing to worry about. She asked what the letter originally said but he ran off, taking with him a book about trade regulations.

Lilith would later return to Namah's room where she was told about the horrible day Namah had and how she hurt Bill with her horns. While Namah would still be upset over her home-schooling, Lilith ends up giving her the leg-warmers she bought.

On the day of her birthday, she went to a party in a yellow dress that she couldn't get off once it was all over. Asking Muliebral for help, she complained how much she hated these parties and wished hers was more private like Namah's, though was told why they couldn't have parties for Namah anymore due to the Chitters Debacle. Receiving a ball to play with, she leaves the room and ends up walking past Tinsel, complaining about the backtalk she's been receiving, causing her coworkers to laugh. Lilith manages to overhear them compare Tinsel to Namah and how it's "like mother like daughter".

Returning to her room, she asked Damon about her own mother but he didn't elaborate much as he never met her. She tried reading to get her mind off the subject but she couldn't stop picturing the two being alike and decided to go talk to her father. Thinking it would just be a quick question, she walks into his office to find him and Tinsel making out on his table. Panicked, she runs out of the room.

She ran into the library to read alone and during which, Woods and Damon used Namah to track her down. Lilith explained she didn't want to talk about what happened and just wanted some time alone. Namah agreed to it but asked her to return to her room since everyone was worried and thought it was her who escaped that time.

While Lilith did so, her father decided to send some therapists starting with his lawyer, whose appearance frightened her more so than the fact she was being asked to sign documents disclosing the recent discovery. She was then forced into receiving a lecture from a rabbit-like Dreamkeeper about what is known to trigger her. She then drew the line at her next visitor wanting to teach her 'sex education' and fled to Namah's room, where Namah presented her with a book she made for her birthday. Moved by this, Lilith tearfully hugged her out of appreciation.

Shortly after, Woods informed them that Damon would be taking over, after informing Lilith the last therapist left before he could teach "mandatory consent". Sometime after, Damon would leave a box from her father containing two Ryuu-Nekos, one Water-type and one Plant-type, who both leaped at her. As Namah exclaimed over the strange creatures, one of them soiled the room, prompting Damon to fetch Muliebral to clean it up. Muliebral offered to take Lilith for a walk with her new pets so she knew how to take care of them.

During a walk through the garden, Lilith started to ask about if the things going on with her were her fault, which Muliebral assured it wasn't. She even asked if Tinsel really was Namah's mother which Muliebral confirmed. She then told her about the first Viscount, Liddo, and how Tinsel got him out of off office so that Calah could get into office; which also led to Tinsel seducing her father and blackmailing him with Namah. Lilith asked her what happened with her own mother and she only mentioned that she may have just left. As Muliebral finished her story, Lilith started to tear up and asked if she and Namah were still sisters despite all this, and Muliebral said they were and gave her a hug. With the truth told, Lilith believed her coping skills have increased now that she understood the situation, while asking how she knew all this to begin with. Muliebral simply replied that she was the maid and that "the help" always cleans up the dirt. The two left the garden, unaware of Nainso's presence.

Volume 1

Chapters 1 - 3

In her first major appearance in the main story, she was wandering the streets of the Margate District when she bumped into Mace for the first time, the latter whom was still covered in mucus. Helping her up while still in the stuff, he tried to apologize for it and she calmly thanked him before leaving.

The following day she would be present at the Margate Public School where after a scuffle between Mace and Bast, she volunteered to take Bast to the nurse's office. Treating him while scolding him for getting into a fight, he then asked if she would go with him to the Harvest Festival. She blushed and accepted his offer, much to Mace's disappointment.

To be continued

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Power and Abilities


Life Force Manipulation: Having awoken during an encounter with a large Nightmare, Lilith's "Power" involves the manipulation and control of life energy, which according to Troika's Power Chart its typing involves other targets besides herself when healing. Through this power she is capable of draining the life force out of someone, use it against them and/or use it to heal herself. The exact mechanics and limitations to how her power works are unclear, however it has been shown that her power can activate involuntarily when her life is in danger and is unconscious to do anything.

  • Life Drain: The first power to have ever been used by Lilith, she can drain the life energy out of whoever she is in contact with, or close to anyone, to a point where even a large Nightmare like "Smiley" can be left in a lifeless state, even to a point where its natural color fades and the body even rotting. This can also work even while unconscious, though such an act can lead to her draining the life out of others, even if they are her friends.
    • Healing: Using the drained life-force, she can then use it to heal herself or anyone else she desires. Her healing power is enough to recover from a potentially-fatal wound like one she received from Tendril during her trip through the Foundation.
  • Life Blast: As seen in Tendril's Demise and various other artworks, Lilith can fire off a blast of energy from her hands from a distance.

Great Power Intensity: Due to how potent her Power was at activation, plus the effectiveness to her restoration capabilities, her rating is currently at 3. This puts her potential on par with Tinsel, who while marked at a questionable 2 it's evident that her overall capabilities are higher.

Keen Intellect: Being a bookworm most of her life, Lilith has great experience with history and has a vast assortment of knowledge regarding pre-A.D. events.


  • Originally plantigrade as a child but later as she becomes more self aware of her beauty and develops a more confident outlook on life, she begins to walk digitigrade to enhance her elegance.
  • Is currently the romantic interest of Bast and Mace. Whether she shares reciprocated feelings towards any of them remains unknown. Evidence in doodles created by David appears to suggest that her relationship between Bast is more likely.
    • For Bast at least, in a Patreon-requested series of sketches, had she have gone with him to the Harvest Festival their relationship would likely have reached to the level of romance.


  • (to Mace and Namah)"Do you think… maybe the legends about the old wars were real? …That maybe nightmares actually exist?"


  1. Prelude Page 293 [1]
Lilith2- summer before junior

Lilith pre-2005


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