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Hallworth is a teacher working at the Tower Academy who serves as Lilith's homeroom teacher.


Hallworth has the form of a mallard duck, having mostly brown feathers with wings that are shaped in a way where they can function as fingers, and blonde hair. She wears a blue vest over a light-blue dress shirt and a black gown.




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On her first day of school, Hallworth met Lilith and asked if she was in the right classroom. Lilith asked what happened with their old teacher and she replied that the parents must have complained about her and since they were rich they could afford to have them fired. Once the rest of her class showed up, she noted how she had already talked with their parents in response to how they had their fathers remove previous teachers to ensure that such a tactic will now work with her.

Hallworth started a lecture regarding the battle against the Extollo Dreamkeepers and Stacephanie continually interrupted her and Lilith's inquiry of it, demanding the lesson to be over as it was nearly lunchtime. She argued with her teacher about her not being able to command her but Hallworth mentioned the document her father signed that allowed her to.

At at later date, Hallworth chastised Stacephanie and her friends for arriving late and argued with her over how her behavior will cost her later in life. She then brought up how their class will use a new system involving 'Class Cash', with everyone questioning what it meant and even started comparing their father's salaries with each other. She then told them their next assignment would be about learning the value of money, they are to take a list of items that can be found in the mall and must guess the prices of each one by the time lunch is over.

During lunch, Stacephanie commented on how Lilith ran after her encounter with Evzen and showed more discontent for her. Seeing the note that Evzen wrote being passed to her, she and Ashleybelle began to heavily modify it so that it would be filled with insults toward Lilith, which succeeded in upsetting her once it got there.

After lunch, Lilith, Kalei and Jeneviv returned to class and had to go fetch Stacephanie and her friends for being late. Once Lilith turned in her assignment, she allowed her to go to the mall in order to get the actual prices. She did the same for Kalei and Jeneviv once they found out, and when Stacephanie realized they were gone, she informed them of what was to be done. As they scrambled to complete the assignment, Triffany went up to her and tried talking her way out of class in her own way, though Hallworth turned her down at every moment. She soon allowed them to leave after they turned in their assignments.





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