Beneath Sabbaton Towers


Volume 4 (Chapter 10)

The Foundation is a large cavern area beneath Sabbaton Towers, which serves (befittingly to the name) as the foundation to where the glorious towers were built upon. It currently is used as a major tourist attraction.

Entryway and Architecture

Gaining access to the foundation is generally done by going inside the towers. There is a public entrance that is mainly used by visitors riding in on carriages across the massive white walkway encircling the tower. After which, visitors are guided to one of several elevators that bring them down to the cavern floor below.

The open main area is surrounded by cave walls that, along with what appear to Flo-wood trunks, support the ground floor of the towers that act as a ceiling. Along the top area is a pathway that likely meant to be used by servicemen inspecting the lights that are found all over the cavern. Wooden stairways and guardrails help guide visitors through the winding paths that take them throughout the cavern, with multi-colored spotlights lined around bridged pathways to illuminate the waterways and places with statues of the ancients.

In addition to benches, kiosks, signs and trash bins, there is a small rest spot with a picnic table and a small gift shop building nearby. To the side of the visitor elevators is another tunnel used by those who need to get down to the nearby waterway with multiple statues and a hidden passageway under the water that leads into an unexplored area.


As the Foundation serves as a major historic landmark in forming Sabbaton Towers, it is seen as a popular tourist attraction for those able to visit the towers. Mostly young school students will get the chance to visit and learn more about its history. After being guided down they are generally greeted by a tour guide who will escort them along the pathway and presumably talk about certain areas of significance. Naturally, straying off the path will result in security being called in.



  • The Foundation, and by extension the cave network itself, is based off the Mammoth Cave National Park that the creators visited once. Using the photos they've taken they were able to draw inspirational set pieces for the story.[1]
    • In addition, the waterway that Mace and friends swam into is based off the Lost River Cave, and an old story where those who enter the water sometimes never come out again, due to a river-current that sometimes drag those in the water into the channel. The creators even noted how they wanted this chance to "Kill Every Character" but decided against it in favor of future events.[2]


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