It is interesting that one of the least understood materials in Anduruna is also one of the most prevalently used.
Nobody knows where flo-wood originates, or even how to create more. Flo-wood seeds must be laboriously mined from the shifting dune sea, where prevailing ocean currents deposit the floating pods. Where those seeds come from is a puzzle that eludes explanation to this day. Better understood are their convenient properties:
Flo-wood does not need dirt, water, leaves, or any type of fertilizer to flourish - only light. Several hours spent exposing all sides of the seed to daylight will trigger vigorous growth. When placed within a framework, it will flow as guided. A single seed of flo-wood can be shaped into nearly anything. Although each seed can only produce several thousand pounds of wood, multiple seeds will seamlessly meld together on a single frame. The wood excels beyond conventional wood for resilience and smoothness, making it a veritable miracle material for construction.
After flo-wood has been in a static shape for several weeks, it will retain that shape permanently. Even if the wood is cut or gouged, it will re-grow the damaged area given enough time. The life force in flo-wood never ebbs or dies, giving it unending regenerative abilities. Only specially formulated chemicals or fire can permanently damage or destroy flo-wood. Nobody knows how this ‘life essence’ functions: and nobody knows how to make flo-wood produce seeds.
Light-activated and left alone, flo-wood does not grow roots, branches, or leaves. It expands in a perfect, solid sphere that will reach 20-40 feet in diameter. Sawing the sphere open reveals no secret cache of seeds - just solid wood.
From the prehistoric Sky Road wall to the recent innovation of telepads, flo-wood is an enduring part of Anduruna - and an enduring mystery.