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Namah is one of the main protagonists in Dreamkeepers, who lives in Sabatton Towers as one of the two daughters of a well-known politician.

Namah's design is probably inspired on gecko, due to her ability to climb walls easily, as mostly demonstrated in the prelude (given her mischievous nature she can also come off as like a demon or imp given her horns and how the tip of her tail is shaped). She pink skin, straight dark horns, a long tail which ends in a diamond form, three digit feet and green eyes. She has dark violet mark on her face, near her eyes. She has mid short hair, that reach her shoulders or a little higher. She also wears stripped leg warmers that were given to her by Lilith when she was little.

Namah is mostly known for being very mischievous and often rebellious, as well as having a fascination for trouble, having stemmed from her childhood as a result of being confined in her room most of her life. She has a habit of escaping her room many times just so she can see what she considers the outside world. This sort of behavior has also shown has resourceful she can be as even after being caught, she'll generally find another way to get out again. This puts her at odds with the Tower Guards (Woods, Bill and Damon especially), as well as her nanny Ms. Muliebral, who are usually assigned to keep her in her room as she will often pull pranks on them as a means of torture, be it physical or psychological. As she grew older she got to a point where she can sneak in and out with no detection just to accommodate herself or her pet, Cuddles, who she calls Vincent despite her sister's insistence.

The only person Namah seems to show great care for is her sister, Lilith. Because Lilith is free to roam where-ever she wants she will often visit her to talk or even read to her, since Namah had little in the way of education. Lilith is able to tolerate Namah's wild behavior to a point and while later on, after growing older and once the Nightmare and Dark Dreamkeeper issues started affecting them, they would come to disagree each other's methods. Regardless she still loves her sister and would put her life on the line to defend her.

Ironically, while she is usually the one causing the most trouble, karma tends to pop up and cause her suffering. Whether it be the vents that she crawled through being sealed after being lured away from her room long enough, her getting a rock thrown at her while another was helping fight someone, or when she tries to get the attention of someone she likes and something goes wrong. In that case she's shown her crush for Bast after reaching the outskirts of Anduruna, only to trip over a large plant.

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