Although it gets typical amounts of rainfall, the Diony Desert is utterly arid. Overcome with diony plants, their seeds aggressively leech any and all moisture from the earth. Few animals can survive in the habitat, save those who feed on the plant itself. One creature unique to the area is the archituethus occipitus, or 'jumper' (Commonly referred to as a brain squid). Although they can be found at random throughout the Anduruna region, the jumper squid can apparently feed only in the northwest corner of the desert, where lunarous runoff from the Starfall mixes with the diony to create strange fumes that seem to nourish these bizarre hovering creatures. Dreamkeepers have used the desert to forage diony seeds for centuries. Although the area is traversable with enough water stores, rare is the individual who will venture across. Extended expeditions have historically met with failure, due in no small part to unseen bandits that apparently lurk beyond the desert.