Data Scrolls are a universal electronic device used by just about Dreamkeeper uses in their everyday lives.[1]


Data scrolls come in a large variety of models to better suit one's needs, though all appear and function the same way. Much like how paper scrolls would look, they have two scroll-tubes that when closed are clamped together to save power. When opened a fluorescent screen appears, acting as both a display and interface that can be interacted with through touch-commands. The screens are also flexible, allowing them to become like a laptop in order to allow texting. These models are generally compact enough to be carried around and stored with ease.

Larger models tend to be more advanced as they can be mounted on walls and allow for live feed and allow the use of applications that otherwise are not compatible with the smaller models.


Depending on the model of the scroll, the usage of these devices can vary as some models can work certain apps better than others. New apps are continually being developed by the week, adding more to their use and importance in society.

Chat Rooms

Commonly seen in smaller models, a Dreamkeeper can chat through texting with other Dreamkeepers, granted they know their tagnames; which are required to use and seem to be either tied to the data scroll or through a password system. This feature seems to work best when the scroll is bent so that one-half of the scroll is the screen and the other for the keyboard.

Social Media

Every model has access to at least one outlet of social media, from video broadcasts to news articles, manuals or picture taking. The resolution and quality can differ but otherwise allow one to be in the know on events going on. Advanced models allow one to capture live images and video and transmit it to others through like a channel or network that others have access to. One can even keep a log on their daily activities like a journal or possibly even a blog.


Data scrolls can be used to play recreational games of various types. Thus far one game that seems to be popular is Kill of Duty.

Other Applications

Data scrolls are even capable of manually controlling other machinery that's tied to the scroll.


  • Data scrolls are very much the equivalent to cell phones, televisions, computers and touch-screen devices, given their ability to electronically perform various functions all in one form. Their purpose and importance in Dreamkeeper culture can also allude to how people in society continually rely on technology to further benefit their lives.


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